What are the benefits of a website for businesses? Advantages of website design services at Viet SEO. Website design process at Viet SEO.

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The latest web design technologies today

PWA, AMP, JavaScript, SPA, AI and Bot,... are all popular web design technologies currently applied on websites.

Website design today is not only simple with lines of code but also SEO standards. Building a successful website is user-friendly, increasing interaction and opportunities for businesses to grow as well as maintaining competition in the "fierce" market. In this article, VietSEO will update to the latest website design technologies today to promote business activities, build a strong online brand!

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The latest website design technologies todayThe latest website design technologies today

1. PWA

In the top web development trends we cannot fail to mention PWA. It stands for (Progressive Web Apps) which helps users to load pages or download quickly even when the network is unstable. The term PWA was first mentioned by Google in 2015.

PWA is considered a superior technology by:

Speeds faster than normal web pages on the same content thanks to Service worker technology
Offline mode when the network condition is unstable
Add to Home Screen: This function prompts mobile users to “install” the PWA. After accepting the prompt, the PWA is added to the mobile home screen and it will run like any other installed mobile app

However, the limitation of this technology is limited browser support, not accessible on the App Store.

2. AMP

Surfing the web, shopping on mobile devices is increasing day by day. According to DataReport the number of mobile users worldwide is 5.22 billion as of January 2021. Users can immediately leave a website when it takes 3 seconds to 5 seconds and they still haven't loaded the page. AMP solves the problem for businesses by bringing advanced technology to speed up page performance and keep users on the page thanks to the page load speed in less than 1 second.

AMP is quite similar to PWA. The difference is simply that the pages are accelerated due to the open source plugin recently developed by Twitter and Google.

Artificial intelligence and bot

3. Artificial Intelligence and Bot

Bots and AI assistants have the ability to learn, collect data, and solve problems. This is probably the technology that has the most influence on shaping the future of website development. Today, we easily see dozens of AI chatbots, virtual assistants Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and voice Bots that help businesses upgrade interactions and digital customer experiences. Bots will operate 24/7 to replace support managers and effectively save costs for businesses.

For a better understanding take a look at the giant B2C companies. Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Skype are good examples of using Chatbots in customer support. The rise of Bots will also affect UX web design trends. The AI-based bot responds to customers anytime, anywhere, providing a human-like experience and insightful user behavior analysis.

Artificial Intelligence and Bot Artificial Intelligence and Bot

4. Single Page Application (SPA)

SPA (Single Page Application) is still one of the most important web design technology trends today in web development. SPA is a JavaScript-based web application. It avoids loading separate HTML pages from a server to display a certain page to visitors and provides a high level of data protection.

Using this web development technology, visitors get an "all in one" feeling. They browse through a single page for all their own needs. Gmail, Google Drive, Facebook or Twitter are famous one-page apps that must be mentioned. In addition, this technology is also proud of its excellent cross-platform nature that supports most devices.

Why do web developers prefer single page apps? Because SPA offers many opportunities to capture user attention due to its fast operation, providing instant feedback, single pages can work without server-side code.

Motion UI

5. Motion UI

Motion UI will leave impression and better user experience. According to a Salesforce report, 84% of customers consider a website's design as important as the actual product it delivers.

From a macro perspective, this is not a website design technology by drawing elaborate pictures. It is simply about creating an interface that is intuitive and responsive to user preferences. Motion UI is based on extensive research, and when you use it properly in your website design, it increases conversions easily.

Motion UI Motion UI

Motion UI is considered a powerful UI library. You can create modular scrolling, animations and dynamic charts. Certainly in the future, moving website design will still be attractive because of the flexible SASS libraries, easy to use with CSS, HTML or JavaScript, and highly responsive.

Besides, Motion UI is also a proven way to attract users' attention. Because it is very useful for those who develop products for multiplayer markets.
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6. Optimize Voice Search

In 2021, through the Internet many users prefer to communicate by audio rather than text. As evidenced by the explosion of the Clubhouse audio social network, Tik tok caused a storm on a worldwide scale. This is exactly why using audio and voice translation is one of the most popular web design technologies.

According to Juniper Research, by 2022, 55% of all households in the world will have a voice assistant. But it's not limited to virtual home assistants like Google Home, Alexa or Siri at all. Voice search optimization offers many advantages for both users and business owners. The main benefits of using this technology are as follows:
  • Save time, order fast and more products
  • It serves as a source of customer behavior analysis information
Javascript framework

7. JavaScript Framework

The JavaScript framework is considered as one of the most used programming languages in the world so any innovation related to it is actively discussed. Technically a JavaScript framework is an application framework created in the JavaScript programming language and based on visual and functional library integration.

This website design technology brings many benefits. It responds to the user immediately without reloading the page, the performance is fast.

8. Responsive Web Design (RWD)

RWD (Responsive web design)- This concept was born more than 5 years ago when mobile devices actively took over the market. Mobile users began to shop and search on their smartphones. This requires developers and designers to put more effort into making their products known and polished in both desktop and mobile formats (smartphones, iPads, Tablets).

Currently, RWD website design technology becomes the trend of the future. Because a mobile-friendly website is the only way to get indexed from search engines. Proper indexing directly affects ability in the trading market.

In short, these are the 8 popular web design technologies today. There are technologies that were born early, but they are upgraded to match the trend of the market. Updating these new trends will help you own a quality, user-friendly website, build your business brand and sell effectively.

Benefits of a website

What are the benefits of a website for businesses?

Website is a useful business information and product management software tool:
  1. Building a brand face for businesses in the internet environment
  2. Effectively attract potential customers
  3. Provide useful information for business customers
  4. Psychological analysis of customer behavior and sales 24/7
  5. Connect and take care of customers
  6. Successfully building a loyal customer system
  7. And after all, a Website has the ability to increase revenue, bring profits to businesses.
Viet SEO is currently a reputable website design company in Ho Chi Minh City, currently specializing in providing Website design services with modern features, suitable for many industries and business fields. More importantly, we will help you build a website capable of attracting a large number of potential customers and bringing in huge monthly revenue.

Advantages of website design services at Viet SEO

Viet SEO provides a variety of website design service packages on demand, supporting individual / corporate customers to build professional and friendly websites, integrating many outstanding features and suitable for industries and fields. the area in which you do business.
  1. Choose from the available interface templates in Viet SEO's interface store or any template you want
  2. Design cost includes domain name and unlimited hosting
  3. Website is designed with SEO standards, friendly with search engines
  4. Website customized smart interface, compatible with all mobile devices
  5. Website is optimized for page loading speed
  6. Optimized design with search engines, reaching potential customers more easily
  7. High security, effectively prevent any unauthorized intrusion
  8. 24/7 technical support, promptly fix problems that occur
  9. Lifetime warranty and maintenance
Website design process at Viet SEO

Website design process at Viet SEO

Step 1: Receive customer information

Before designing any Web, Viet SEO will collect full information about the Business, including: Products / Services - Customers - Advantages - Competitors as well as the wishes of customers.

Step 2: Design the Website interface

Viet SEO's technical team will exchange and advise, optimize ideas, and offer layout design options for customers.

Step 3: Conduct functional code

The technical team will conduct programming and build the Website based on the approved interface template. Design time will vary depending on the type of Website.

Step 4: Test functionality - hand over Website

Before handing over, customers will be tested and tested the Web's functions. When ensuring the criteria such as the contract, Viet SEO will hand over the Web to the customer and take care of troubleshooting during the operation of the Web.